Essay Writing

Writing essays can be hard especially to students who are still learning about everything.  But once you get the hang of it, it can be effortless and easy.  When I was still in school I remember that I liked to write but not that much.  I still prefer to read more than writing.  In fact, I was a voracious reader back then when I still have all the time in the world.  Now I still read but I don’t read books anymore.  I read blog posts. hehe

I remember my friend who got a job in the research paper writing industry.  No, she does not write research papers but she does essay editing.  I believe her term was she was a proofreader. She became so good at her job that she got accepted at a company in Singapore doing the same thing.  That was at the time when our countrymen were still not going in droves to Singapore.  Unfortunately, she just stayed there for six months before going back home.  I lost touch with her after that and didn’t find out why.

Anyway, writing essays can be tedious but fun.  I suggest students try to pay attention when their teacher teaches them how to write essays at school.  Who knows they might grow up and have that as their profession?

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