Clues in Choosing the Right School

We were choosing between two schools near our area before we finally enrolled Z to one.  If you’re wondering why we finally chose one over the other – well, it was no brainer.   The one we chose has better school furniture than the other.

Why you would ask? Parents are usually concerned about the teachers and the quality of the quality of education their children will receive. Of course, we were concerned about those but there simply was no way to compare the two schools in terms of that. We don’t know anyone who has actually studied in both who will give us their recommendations so we had to be creative and look at small clues like the school furniture.

The school we didn’t choose was actually our first choice because hubby studied there when he was in preschool but when I took a peek at their classroom I was a little disheartened. The room was depressing and although the teacher said it was still under renovation I don’t think they can renovate it to make it lively and presentable that much.

The second school was already tidy and presentable when we took a peek at it. The furniture and facilities are well kept. We talked to the owner and of course she told us all the positive things about her school. Although this school is only ten years old knowing that the owner is hands on with the management of the school kept me more at ease. It will show how well it is managed by how well kept the furniture are, right?  As if to prove my point, the owner boasted that every classroom is equipped with a camera so they can check on the teacher at any random time.  That really put our minds at ease that the teachers will be on their toes all the time knowing that the owner can take a peak at them whenever she wanted.

Now, two weeks after school started we’re assured that we made the right decision.  We learned that the school we didn’t choose was having a major management issue.  So we finally learned the reason why they haven’t started renovations on the classrooms two weeks before the start of classes. If they are having some problems with the management it could definitely affect the teachers’ morale and could affect the quality of education the children will get.

We were sad Z was not able to study in the same school that his Dad went to but we had to prioritize the quality of education he’ll get.

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