Car Registration at LTO

We have been so busy yesterday and today for the renewal of our car’s registration.  I thought the process was smooth and easy.  There were so many steps to do but they were quickly done.  After applying for car insurance, successfully passing the emission test, and finishing the required stencil process I thought we’ll just pay and we’re good to go.  But oh, I was so wrong.  We have just passed the necessary documents to the evaluation officer when they suddenly stood up in their seats and announced their system just went offline.  We were positive that it was just a temporary glitch in their system and would last an hour at most but an hour already went by and they’re still offline.

So with a heavy heart we went home.  The next day we went there again almost 100% sure that everything is already fine but we got the shock of our lives when we went there to find that they have been offline for almost 24 hours.  So we just went to SM to eat.  Good thing we called their office after an hour.  We were informed that their system is already up and running.

We hurriedly went there and submitted our documents.  My eyes grew big when I saw that the documents needed to be processed was about an inch thick.  So we just resigned ourselves by waited the whole afternoon.  The first 2  hours of waiting was super slow.  The LTO officers were super slow and we thought we wouldn’t get called within the day.  Fortunately, when it was already 4 pm they must have woken up from their stupor and began working quickly.  All of a sudden they were calling more and more names at a lesser interval.  The thought of going home at exactly 5pm must have motivated them to work fast.  Thirty minutes before 5pm our names were called and we got our stickers.  Yehey, finally we were done with our first ever car registration and was ready to go home.

Waiting game at LTO

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