Calamansi Juice

This is my current fave!  I’m no fan of powdered juice drinks and it’s because they taste so good that  I always wonder how much sugar they put in there to make it taste that way.  Of course, I know they don’t use sugar for sweetener and that makes me more suspicious to the consternation of my hubby who’s an avid juice drinker and who needs to drink juice once a day.  I know if he could get away with it he would drink juice and soda for the whole day and substitute it permanently for water.

So that’s always the argument in our household – whether to drink juice or not.  I’m always outnumbered because even little Z loves to drink juice.  So yes, we drink juice once a day.  However, a few days ago S got sick with flu.  I got this brilliant idea to make him some natural calamansi juice (made with real calamansi fruit with a spoon of sugar) and gave it to him without telling him what it actually was.  I couldn’t fool him, of course, he knew he has been duped from the moment he tasted it but maybe he was already feeling weak from his cold so he couldn’t argue anymore.  He drank it and before I could even taste it (it was a very large glass) it was all gone.

The next day when he arrived home there was again a large glass of calamansi juice waiting for him.  I teased him he has his juice ready and he said something like, “Oh no, not calamansi juice again!” but when I gave it to him he drank it all up.  Now a few days later it has been our habit to drink calamansi juice.  This time I’m preparing two glasses – one for me and one for him.  For the life of me I still couldn’t get our little boy to drink calamansi juice so for now for he gets to bring packed juice as baon.

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