BC Bloggers 4 is Now Accepting Members

I know a lot of you are waiting for the launch of BC Bloggers 4.  I did promise it would be first week of July but forgive me for being a late because I was waiting for the next Google update.  Well, it seems like it’s not going to come this month yet so there’s no use waiting for it.  So rather than wait let’s just get to work building links for our new blogs, right?



First, I’m just going to say for the record that I have been lax with the participants.  BC Bloggers has indeed made our blogging lives a little easier but it won’t work without the cooperation of the members.  I will send an email to the previous batches to supply me with the url of their BC Blogger links and it will all be posted in a Google spreadsheet available for all members to check.  From there we’ll know who has not linked back and who has removed the links. The BC Bloggers link should also be visible in the homepage and not buried somewhere in your blog which we can not see.  Take note by this I don’t mean that you clutter your homepage with all the blog list.  A single link in the navigation bar or in the sidebar will do.

So for the BC Bloggers 4 aside from the previous requirements I would also require you to make a blank page dedicated to the BC Bloggers before joining. This is where you will put the links given once we have finished gathering enough members. You can be creative with the title of the page as long as you include BC Bloggers in it. I have to do this so we’ll be assured that you have every intention of putting up the links and it would be fair for those who actually put it up.

Second, aside from the things I mentioned above BC Bloggers 4 will still work the same way as the previous batch.  Just head over to my other blog, Paula’s Place for the steps in joining. Submit your blogs in the application form.

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25 thoughts on “BC Bloggers 4 is Now Accepting Members

  1. kha

    I’m in too.. sorry I have made mistakes before but now I don’t want to miss this! thanks for having this BC Bloggers fever again.

  2. DeejSpeaks

    Count me in..=) I will be doing all the steps later after my class..=) This is a great idea for new bloggers who wants link love from awesome bloggers like you all..=)

  3. joahna, Philippines

    Hello, Ms. Paula! 🙂 Can I still join BC Bloggers 4? I’ve always wanted to join but I had problem in making the so called page. I didn’t know how to do it. So I hope that you’ll reconsider. I can’t access the application form anymore. Thank you. I hope to hear from you.


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