When you have just been hired to be part of a certain company one of the things that symbolizes you’re really in but doesn’t get that much attention is when you have received your ID. If you’re in the customer service industry and have to meet customers personally you also have to have your badge pinned in your uniform. Badges are a must have for the service industry. I would always look for a waiter’s badge when I ask for something. From my experience, I can’t rely on the uniform of the crew because it’s easier to mistake a piece of clothing with a uniform but if the person has a badge on then you can never go wrong.

Badges are not only used as IDs.  In the last election button badges have become really popular.  People would proudly support their candidate of choice with a badge pinned on their shirt.  It was nice to see people going out of their way to campaign for their candidate.  Now that the election is over the people have also set aside their badges as it has already served its purpose.  But come next election expect that the button badges will have its come back albeit in different colors.

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