Audition for Church Band

Hubby is planning to audition as a guitarist for CCF.  He has been practicing every afternoon after he goes home from work.  Of course, Z wouldn’t let him practice without him tagging along so whenever he sees his Dad pulling out his guitar and sitting in front of the computer he would pull out his own chair and put it beside Dad and get his own guitar.  It doesn’t matter how long Dad practices – maybe an hour or two – Z would patiently “practice” with him.  Sometimes I would catch Z just looking at what his Dad is doing.  Now, it’s for sure we have another guitarist in the house.  Pretty soon Z would be accompanying his Dad to his gigs.  Oh, I really hope hubby gets accepted as a guitarist in CCF.  I would want Z to see his Dad serving the Lord through music and I hope Z would follow in his Dad’s footsteps.

2 thoughts on “Audition for Church Band

  1. hapi

    Is this near Galleria din? we used to attend VCF when were still in the phils.

    my husband is a lead guitarist at 2 christian churches here in Singapore. I pray your husband gets it! God willing.


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