The Quest for Reliable Batteries

Before I became a mother I never thought I would be needing so much Batteries!  Having a boy meant we need batteries for his remote control cars, hotwheels set, and toy trains.  Aside from that I also spend money on buying batteries for my digital camera.  How else would I take pictures of my son everyday without those?  For over five years I must have spent thousands on batteries alone.  If only I knew I could have saved a lot by buying high quality batteries like Button Cells then that’s what I should have done in the first place.  At first we thought we could survive by buying non-rechargeable batteries the way we used to when we’re still single but these batteries don’t last long on our son’s Thomas train set, do they?  So we thought we got wiser when we finally bought our first set of rechargeable batteries – only it was a brand we hadn’t heard of made from China.  The batteries were fine at first but pretty soon we found ourselves charging it almost every single day.  We thought it was  normal so we continued using it until we got so exhausted charging it that we didn’t bother anymore.   Now poor Z plays his Thomas train set manually, without batteries.

When we bought batteries for our digicam we still made the same mistake.  What can I say we learn real slow. hihi  Now I remember the brand – it was Newstar – and the salesman who sold it to us was all high praises to it.  It was way affordable than the known brands so being the frugal couple that we were we bought a battery brand we have never heard of – again!  A month or two later my camera would show the bright red battery low icon every time I put a newly charged battery.  We didn’t get it at first or we just refused to accept that we were duped once more.  We even thought it might be the camera that was broken.  We were forced to accept the bitter fact that our batteries failed us again after I bought a new battery that was non-rechargeable to test if my camera was broken.  It worked smoothly and never did the low battery icon appear.  So finally we bought another set of batteries for our camera and this time we went for a reliable brand, went straight to the counter to pay it, and refused to talk to any salesperson who might change our mind again.  So no our battery is still running smoothly and we’re still amazed at how reliable it is.  Hubby can take videos of himself onstage for an hour and I don’t hear the complaints I used to hear from him anymore.   So now we’re really wiser and wouldn’t think of buying another unknown battery brand ever.

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