Some Insights on Schooling

This is Z’s second year of school and unlike the first year I’m hoping that we’ll have less problems.  It looks more promising this school year because so far Z hasn’t cried even once at school.  Instead, he has finished all his required school work and got perfect grades in his seat works.  This was a far cry from last year where at school he would cry spontaneously and arrive home with books unanswered.

So what did we learn during the first year of school?  I have decided to write this to help parents who have kids that would enroll for the first time.

Based from our experience the most important thing a child should learn before going to school is not reading but writing.  Preschool kids may not be required to do any term paper writing but they are required to write their name, to answer their books, and to copy from the board.  We found out about this the hard way during Kinder.  Z was totally unprepared to write at that time.  I tried to teach him before going to school but we would end up frustrated because he couldn’t write.  Later, I found out I was doing things the wrong way.  I didn’t prepare him for writing.  Writing is a skill and before a child could write his small hands should be ready for the task.  So before going to school let him play with clay so he can strengthen his hands.  Let him also do hand exercises that would further strengthen the fingers.  Only after his fingers are strong would he be able to hold a pencil and write.

So now we’re past that stage and Z is already copying from the board.  Sometimes he finishes it and other times he doesn’t but I’m happy regardless.  And although he doesn’t bring home something major like a term paper or doesn’t do  essay writing just yet I’m still thrilled to see his notebook full of his uneven writings.  I know he put much effort into it and I appreciate his hard work.

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  1. Irish

    Hi paula,
    I hope Z get’s to read this in the future so he will know how proud his mother is with him and his small achievements when he was a small child. Inspirational.



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