Once a Month Cooking

One of the perks of moving here is the food.  Being close to every store imaginable we can buy every food or ingredient we want.  If I was craving for something then I just need to go to the store to buy the ingredients and I can have it for our next meal.  The best part of moving was having a friendly neighbor teaching us how to cook.  It’s no secret that I suck at cooking big time.  So I have been asking our neighbor to help us cook different dishes.

Yesterday, we bought a kilo of meat and asked her to demonstrate how to cook adobo.   What she did was different from what we were doing.  She cooked it first with soy sauce and didn’t add a single drop of water.  She added vinegar only when it was about to be cooked.

My family loved it, of course!  We ate it for lunch and dinner and we still have some left overs for the next day.  Next week I’m going to try cooking it the way she taught me and see if I can successfully replicate it.  Next time when I’m confident enough with my cooking I will try freezer cooking.  Freezer cooking, also known as once a month cooking, is the latest craze today.  We know cooking takes so much time and doing it three times a day equals a lot of cooking time.  With the help of a freezer you can cook large servings of food that would last you and your family one month.  This will save you time so you can do more productive activities.  I haven’t tried it mainly because we don’t have a freezer but it’s one of my dreams to be able to do this one day.  Maybe when I’m already a good cook that is.

2 thoughts on “Once a Month Cooking

  1. Kerslyn

    hay that’s what I really want. freezer cooking para maka-save ng time and effort. my cooking tip naman for adobo, mix all ingredients in the pot and cook in low fire hanggang medyo tuyo na sya. 🙂


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