Lost and then Found

Google just had a PR update – an unscheduled one as I may say.    As for my blogs, it gave back some PR that I lost.  Like my one blog which has a PR 1 during the last April update.  Due to unknown reasons the PR was gone after a few days.  I really wondered how it happened.  How it could take the PR away right away but of course, Google is mysterious and we’ll never know the answer.  Also one of my pages in this blog is a PR 3.  It remained that way for a week I think but then it was mysteriously gone.  Sadly, my oldest blog still remains at 0.

I first learned about it a few days ago when I heard the buzz that Google had another update.  I didn’t believe it at first because I thought they only do the updates every three months and the next update is supposed to be scheduled during the first week of July.  It turned out they were right because when I checked my blogs both the PR 1 and the PR 3 that I lost were all back.  I wonder what happened this time.  Well, whatever happened I hope this time it’s permanent. I would need all the PR that I can get so I can buy things I need like trunk liners.  Blogging is my hobby but it’s nice because I get to earn too.

5 thoughts on “Lost and then Found

  1. Mommy Rubz

    As for me, I got my PR ZERO at my blogs that were scammed. I am so happy because they are back at the system.

    As for my other blogs, I lost some PRs too but that is OK I can manage as long as they don’t give me N/A. I would surely be lost!

  2. Kerslyn

    akin naman nawala na lahat. yung oldest blog ko nalang ang meron. buti nalang si Sheriff eh d particular sa PR. or else, patay ang sideline ko nito.hehehe


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