Is Your Home Damaged by Chinese Drywall?

To most people, their home is their pride and joy and their most valuable investment that’s why people spend a lot of money building the home of their dreams.  So it’s understandably frustrating for some people in the United States to realize that after constructing their dream home they now watch it rotting away because of some substandard Chinese drywall.   Drywall or plasterboard is a construction product commonly used to finish buildings and home’s interiors.  However between the years 2004 and 2006 there was a shortage in drywall made from United States that’s why they started important drywall made from China.  It was only too late that they found out that these Chinese drywalls emit sulfur compounds that slowly corrode metals in the homes and give out foul odor.  The owners of these homes have already sought the advice of a Chinese Drywall Attorney because of the huge expenses they have to shoulder to repair their beloved homes.  Much worst than the cost is the respiratory problems that the people living in houses with Chinese drywall are experiencing.  So if you’re a victim of these defective drywall then you better contact a Chinese Drywall Lawyer so you’ll know what to do.

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