Inflatable Pools

I know one of our dreams is having our own backyard swimming pool but since we already have our son and the dream still seem far away I guess we have to settle for the next best thing – what else but having our own inflatable pool?  Our love affair with inflatable pools started when Z was just one year old.  His godmother bought him his own kiddie pool.  It was brightly colored and just the right size – perfect for our one year old.  Since Z started using it even before he can walk and of course with his Daddy was forced to sit with him inside the pool.  Father and son shared some pretty fun moments there together.

The kiddie pool was left behind when we rented our own place.  It was soon forgotten as we struggled trying to live on our own for the first time.  When we finally got settled and remembered to buy Z his pool again he was already four years old.  It was summer and it was hot and we have not visited a pool in years.  So off we went to the toy store for the perfect swimming pool for our son.  I wanted the biggest pool like the Intex brand with intex pool filters but there was no way it would fit inside our apartment with no backyard so we settled with a smaller one.  The pool we bought was smaller in circumference but we made sure it was deeper than normal.  We wanted Z to experience what it’s like swimming in an actual pool.  Now that we’ve moved and have our own garage we’re definitely regretting not buying a bigger pool.  Since the pool that we bought was deep it requires a lot of water to fill and it’s just a waste of water to throw it all away after one use.  If we bought one of those pools with filter like the Intex pool which comes with an intex filter b then our son can enjoy swimming in his pool for a couple of days.

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