Guess Whose House this Is?

This singer is known for her amazing vocal range, is married to her manager (the person who also discovered her when she was just a teen), and at age 42 is pregnant with twins.  She is part of a big family – the youngest of fourteen children.  Maybe that’s why she needed this big of a pool!  I wonder how many nephews and nieces she has.  Well, no matter how many they are they will surely fit in this magnificent resort like pool.

Okay, you can stop drooling now.  The answer is none other the famous singer of the Titanic theme song, Celine Dion.  This $20 million Florida home boasts of two swimming pool and a lazy river.  It’s also close to the Atlantic Ocean so once she gets tired of her pool she can just stroll a few meters and take a dip at the ocean.  She must really like the water I must say!

4 thoughts on “Guess Whose House this Is?

  1. genefaith

    wow i guess it Celine Dion when you described about 14 children because she’s the only one I know with such huge family like mine:)14 din kami and who knows our youngest will also make a significant mark in this world…wow grabe ang ganda ng house, ideal for a big family like mine..he..he..


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