Father’s Day 2010

June 20, 2010 is Father’s Day.  With all the moving, the enrollment, and all the things that needed to get fixed we had no time to think about Father’s Day.  Now that we are almost settled I suddenly remembered that Father’s day is around the corner and we still have no gift for him.  This is the last Father’s day that he’s a father of one.  Next year his hands would be fuller with two kids!  I wonder how he’ll divide his time with his two children.  I’m sure he’ll do beautifully as he is the eldest of four siblings and he all watched them grow up while me, I never even held a baby until Z was born.

So now we’re racking our brains with the perfect Father’s day gift.  After buying him those concert tickets which didn’t push through I think this time we’ll be settling for a more personalized gift. I hope Z and I can whip up something nice and useful in a week.  I still have no clue whatever that might be so I guess it’ll be a surprise to Daddy who surely is reading this entry. hihi

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