Ekomini – Teaching Kids to be Money Smart

Kids nowadays are so hooked to computer games.  I don’t blame them as computer games can be so entertaining.  But what if there is a computer game that teaches your kid to save and invest their money?  Now if such a game do exists I wouldn’t mind if Z gets hooked on it since financial literacy is one important knowledge parents have to impart on their kids.

Fortunately, this kind of game I’m talking about do exists.  Ekomini is an interactive piggy bank because unlike your traditional piggy bank it can be attached to the computer.  Now, how cool is that?  Once connected to the computer the kids can then track their savings.  What’s cooler is it comes with an online game called Ekominiville that teaches the kids the value of savings, planning for purchases, investing and donating to charity and social causes in a cool, non-boring way.  Since the makers of the game know the importance of parents teaching their kids personally about managing their money this game comes with a parental interface that let’s the parents do just that.  So this is actually a game that both the kids and the parents can play!

Ekomini is only priced at  $39.9 and is recommended for kids aged 6 to 12.

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