Chewee Gets a Haircut

I know it’s late and it would have been of more benefit to him during the hot, humid days of summer than during the incoming rainy days but we just can’t help it.  His thick coat has a lot of fleas and we don’t want our home to get infected.  There was a groomer who does home service for our neighbor who has two shih tzus so we got his number and asked for his rate.  It was the same rate as that in the malls – P500.  Another neighbor who had an equipment volunteered to do it for free.  So what were we to do?  We said yes to our neighbor and so last weekend, off went Chewee’s long hair.  I didn’t hear him bark unlike when he’s at the groomer’s table but I think it’s because Bam was there to hold him.  She said he tried to bite our neighbor at first but after they positioned him so that his face was away from our neighbor he settled down.  It was a good two hours before they were done.  So now Chewee is hair free.  When we’re parading him at the gate the kids look at him wondering what happened to him.  Poor Chewee!  Even Z noticed and told me, “Mommy, nagugulat yung mga bata kay Chewee.” LOL!  Don’t worry Chewee, your hair will grow back I promise!

2 thoughts on “Chewee Gets a Haircut

    1. admin Post author

      Kalbo na sis. Super payat na nya nung naalis ung buhok. Ung ulo na lang nya ang may buhok. hehe


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