Cars and Heavy Duty Trucks

When Z was still small I immediately noticed his love for cars and trucks.  He sees cars regularly as they’re always passing by our street.  I think his love for cars started when I would leave him in his stroller in front of our gate.  That’s when he started to see the world around him and since he was facing the road he might have taught, “It’s a world full of cars!”  He even mistook the word “grandpa” for car and that’s a story I’ve told a million times already.

Z didn’t start to see heavy duty trucks until he was able to see the main highways.  He would always marvel at how big they were.  He kept on asking me how the driver reaches the driver seat.  I know he would never pass up a chance to ride on one of them.  Since he’s not able to ride one yet, he just satisfy his cravings by playing with his heavy duty trucks at home – albeit the smaller version.

I don’t know how long Z’s addiction on cars and trucks will last.  At one point he’s even saying he wants to be a race car driver.  I hope this is just a phase because I will certainly die early if he pushes through with it.  LOL!

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