Car Troubles

We spent the whole day yesterday trying to get our car fixed. Thank God it’s not that serious because it’s still running but we still have to get the suspension fixed because in time our car’s wheels will be destroyed if we ignore it. Being first time car owners we’re really having a hard time getting it fixed. We don’t know have a trusted mechanic nearby who can help us so yesterday we roamed Paranaque looking for a mechanic. We found one and fell in line for two hours only to find out they don’t have the equipment to fix it. Talk about an afternoon wasted!

So we went home feeling dejected but just after we got out of the car I noticed that there’s a mechanic near our parking area.  We got the impression that he was an expert when we talked to him so we were ecstatic.  He said he could fix our car the next day and he has all the right equipments.  However, when we asked for a quote he gave us a price higher than normal so our joy quickly turned to sadness.

So tomorrow we’re going to try again and look for someone to fix it. It’s easy to get frustrated but I know we’re still inexperienced and in time we’re going to find someone we can trust to help us with our car problems.

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