Car Maintenance

We have our car for seven months now and it’s almost due for another tune up and the yearly car registration. Thank God it has only broken down on us once in the last seven months and we’re trying to prevent any future breakdowns by having it checked regularly. We’re still looking on the lookout for a cheap car insurance though. Hubby has become adept at checking the car regularly. Now that he’s using it every day going to and from work he needs the car more than ever.  If ever the car breaks down and he has to commute to work he needs to ride three jeepneys to reach his workplace and I know that would be a nightmare to him.  So we have to take care of our car more than ever.

Cars need to be checked regularly.  The car owner should be vigilant in checking these in order to avoid inconveniences in the future.

1.  Cars have a lot of fluids that need to be checked like the engine oil, automatic transmission fluid or clutch fluid, windscreen washer, and freon.  Check these fluid levels weekly and replenish when necessary.  By doing these simple checks once a week you can save a lot of money by preventing a car breakdown.

2.  Check the tire inflation pressure weekly too.  Ours should be at 30.  You can check yours by reading your car’s user manual.  Remember to regularly check the spare tire as well.  Nothing is more frustrating than having a flat tire and finding out that the spare tire is flat as well.

3.  Once a month check the car lights if they’re all good.  You have to check them all including the headlights, high and low beam, tail lights, reversing lights, front, rear and side turn signals, and brake lights.  Replace lights that are not working immediately for your safety on the road.

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