Zyke's 3rd Day of VBS

is today.  We’re going to St. Francis Square as early as 8am!  I’m kind of sad because hubby won’t be with us for the first time.  During the first and second day of Z’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) he was with us and while waiting for Z finish his 3-hour VBS we were around Ortigas processing my Eon while trying out different foods along the way.  So now that he has work I will be alone for three hours waiting for Z to finish.  Good thing there’s WiFi at St. Francis Square so I’ll be tweaking my blogs while I’m there.  So that’s my plan today until Friday, the last day of Z’s VBS.

If Z was crying during the first day he was all smiles when we fetched him yesterday.  Maybe because we were the first in line when it was fetching time.  The first day we were 30 minutes late because I thought it would end at 11:30 as that was what’s written in the posters.  Anyway, we’re so happy Z is adjusting beautifully.  As I’ve said, a year ago he would give us a hard time and would refused to be left alone with strangers but now he’s can be left alone for three hours and it won’t be a problem.

Oops, I got to go now because we don’t want to be late.  If you’re checking my blog because of BC Bloggers then don’t worry.  I may have been silent about it since the announcement but I’m checking the application forms regularly and as of the moment more then 100 blogs have joined already.  Deadline is May 20 but I may move it earlier especially if we have enough blogs already so don’t wait any longer to sign up.

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