Why Local Businesses Need an Online Presence

If you have a local business and is looking for some added revenue then you would be surprised that one way to get that is through online.

In October 2009 a study was released by TMP Directional Marketing which revealed that more and more consumers are using the internet to search for services and products they need.  The study showed that it increased as much as 31%.

The study further showed that people would use the internet to find out more information regarding the brands they’re thinking of buying and also to find local businesses that offer those particular brands.  Furthermore, 83% of the local search users contacted the businesses they found offline – 46% by phone and 37% by visiting the business themselves.  Half of those searches made the purchase.

Despite this study there are still a handful of local businesses that do not have a web presence.  If we are to base it on the study solely then these local businesses are losing much income because of this.

Good thing is it is quite easy for a local business to develop an online presence.  The first step is signing up at local searches.  One such reliable local search engine is Local.com. For a minimal fee you can register your business at their website so that it would be easier for potential customers to find your business.  For example, if you have a business in Phoenix, Arizona just submit your business in the proper category, under Phoenix florists if you have a flower shop or under Phoenix movie theaters if you have a theater.  Then you have to create a landing page or a company profile so that potential customers would know the what you’re offering and would be enticed to choose your business.  After that you can sit back and relax and the next time a someone searches for “florist Phoenix AZ” then you’ll be sure that your business profile will come up for the customer to view.

That’s just a simple way to start growing your online presence.  You can also try more creative ways later but as a first step that should be enough.

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