What Medicines Should Be Stored in Your Medicine Cabinet

Your medicine cabinet at home should be stocked at all times.   We never know when we might need it to treat minor illnesses or minor accidents at home.  As always, before buying medicines at the pharmacy consult your doctor regarding the types of medicines and brands that are recommended to be stored in your medicine cabinet.  It’s easier nowadays because you can buy medicines online.  One small note, when you buy tramadol or prescription drugs prescribed by your physicians for specific illnesses do not store it in your medicine cabinet to avoid accidents.  Store your medicine in a cool dry place and keep it out of reach of your children.  Medicine cabinets are most of the time stored in the bathroom but this is going to reduce the potency of the medicines faster because of the changing temperature so avoid putting your medicine cabinets inside your bathroom.  Make it a habit to inspect regularly the expiration date of the stored medicines.  Medicines that have reached their expiration date should be thrown out immediately.

Here are some of the medicines you need to store in your medicine cabinet.

1.  Paracetamol, aspirin, or ibuprofen for pain relief.

2. Oral and topical antihistamines to relieve allergies and insect bites.

3. Loperamide medicines like imodium for diarrhea.

4. Antacid tablets for indigestion and heartburn.

5. Suncreen for protection from sunburn.

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