What I Like About Online Classifieds

Sometimes when I’m not busy I find myself looking at Classifieds online.  It can be quite addicting looking at the different ads and wishing that I can buy all that stuff.  Hubby and I are frequent customers of these online classified ads.  We like buying brand new or even second hand items through these websites because we like the feeling of finding a good deal.  For example, my Canon point and shoot camera was bought in one of these sites and from an original price of  $200 we bought a brand new camera for a reduced price of $150.  We found such a friendly and accomodating seller that he even hand delivered the item for free.  Talk about double savings!

Aside from gadgets, I also spend a considerable amount of time looking at Land for Sale.  I’ve said a lot of times it was my dream to settle at where we’re currently residing and although we can’t afford it yet it gives me quite a satisfaction at looking at and dreaming of owning one of the vacant lots here.  Well, I hope that that hobby of drooling over real estate for sale will stop now that we’re finally moving to our own house.

What I like about online classifieds is they have such a variety of listings that you can find everything from Vacation Rentals to work-at-home jobs.  I have found the current job that I have in one of these sites and I’ve been working there for almost two years now so don’t worry because the listings are quite reliable.  I also found some great discounts regarding vacation packages.  I’m hoping we can take advantage of this one of these days.

If you’re a job provider then you would benefit a lot from online classified ads.  Aside from finding reliable and quality workers from all over the world you don’t have to pay a single cent for to put up that kind of ad.

5 thoughts on “What I Like About Online Classifieds

  1. shydub

    Im sure soon someday you guys will be able to buy your own house and lot.

    Goodluck sa BC blogger, pahinga ka minsan marz buntis para hindi sumakit ulos sa mga linkies hehehe.

  2. Peach360

    Hi Paula, I am so sorry I was not able to update your site. I changed the URL from apeachlife.blogspot.com to peachdezines.blogspot.com. Please help me update it.

    Also, thanks for letting me know Ü


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