What Dog Owners Need to Know

Our shih tzu, Chewee, is already one year old and six months.  We bought him for Z’s 4th birthday.  Until now hubby and I both agree that he is the best gift we have given our son.

We were not planning on getting a dog for our son.  We just saw a puppies for sale sign and couldn’t resist the dog irresistible puppies on display.  We  never owned a dog before so we didn’t know a single thing about caring for a dog.  As much as we were in love with Chewee the first time we saw him it was really a shock for us when we realized how big a responsibility of caring for  a dog was.  It was like caring for a newborn baby and I’m not exaggerating.  So before you look for dogs for sale be sure think if you are up to the responsibility.  Once you have given it some thought and still want to purchase one then read this simple guide on buying and taking care of young puppies.

Health is one of the primary considerations in buying a puppy.  A sickly puppy will cost you a lot and if you are an inexperienced owner then this will be too much responsibility for you.  Don’t buy a puppy unless it is guaranteed healthy with a health and fitness certification from the vet.  The certificate will state that all the puppy shots were already given.

Once you take the puppy home the real responsibility starts.  It is imperative that you train your dog to relieve itself outside the home or in a dog litter box.  The first few weeks are crucial to establish a routine.  After feeding your puppy take it outside to relieve itself.  Do not go back until it does.  It will take a while but if you do this right the puppy will soon realize where it is supposed to pee.

From our own personal experience it took us a month to teach Chewee.  Yes, that’s how long it took but it was well worth it.  Now he is all grown up and old enough to be one of those stud dogs, we have finally put those crazy doggie accidents behind us for good.  House training him required time and patience but now that he have overcome it we can look forward the fruits of our labor and enjoy happy years with him.

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