Video of Two Year Old Smoking Cigarette

Cigarettes are not for children so why in the world is this two-year old boy smoking one?


Unfortunately, this picture is not fake. There is a video of him really smoking a cigarette and the video is below:

This two-year old boy from Indonesia is smoking not one but 40(!) cigarettes a day and obviously, he’s totally addicted.  His parents say that he would throw a tantrum if he’s not given one.  I don’t know what kind of parents would give him cigarettes, him throwing a tantrum is no excuse. They are his parents and so they should be the one disciplining him and not the other way.  There are things that are for adults like extenze and cigarettes and they should never be given to children. I hope they put him in therapy for addiction to nicotine or something and not just him but his parents also have to be counseled the correct way to raise their children.

6 thoughts on “Video of Two Year Old Smoking Cigarette

  1. Carmen Araneta

    Hi Paula, he’s two years old; most parents wouldn’t allow their babies to play with matches but this one they allow to light a cigarette? It’s the parents’ responsibility to take that thing out no matter how he throws into tantrums.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, he’s only two years old. 🙁 He’s already quite an internet sensation but for all the wrong reasons.

  2. analou

    This is not good at all. A two-year old boy? Wow…parents should now allow him to smoke even if he will cry all year round. He is only 2 he is a baby. His parents should seek counseling.


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