Tips for Young Couples on Buying Appliances for Your Home

Buying appliances is not like buying clothes and shoes. This is more like an investment because you and your family are going to use it for a long time. This is precisely the reason why you should take your time before buying and not buying on impulse. When hubby and me moved out of our lola’s house the first thing we bought was the television. I didn’t know better then and yes, we suffered a lot because of the wrong purchase. It was only on the second day of living in our apartment did I realize that we should have bought a refrigerator instead. The result was a lot of wasted money. For the first week we relied on take out. I tell you it really drained our money fast! I’m sure a lot of you are wiser than us but if you are clueless like we were before then here are a few tips to help you out in buying your own appliances.

1. Consider what you need and be able to distinguish the needs from the wants. In my example above I though just because I liked to watch TV a lot that it was really a need. I told my hubby I wouldn’t survive a day without TV so that’s what we bought first.  Your needs are what you need to survive – gas range to cook your own food, refrigerator so the food you cooked won’t spoil, and fan for the heat (some people die of heat stroke so this is really a need.)

2.  Buy appliance that is appropriate to the size of your home.  I also have a hilarious example about this though it’s with regards our furniture.  When we trooped to the department store to buy our first ever sofa I already had an idea in my mind what I wanted.  I wanted a large one to fit our large frames (hubby and me are tall) and would be comfortable to sit on.  It took a long time for us to find the one that would satisfy my criteria because all those that would fit our budget were the teeny sofa ones.  Finally, the store went on sale and this large sofa set (consisting of three pieces: one 3-seater and two 1-seater) caught my eye.  We bought it right away of course.   Then horror of all horrors when it arrived in our tiny apartment it was too large!  It looked just right in the large department store showcase but at our small living room it looked humongous!  Anyway, we had to make do with that and make it fit until we moved to a larger apartment which took about two years I tell you.  So my advice:  arm yourself with a tape measure when buying your appliances or furniture for that matter.  This is the only way you’ll be sure it will fit inside your house.

3.  Research.  Don’t go to the appliance store without doing your research first.  The sales people are really good and can talk a poor customer who didn’t arm himself with information into buying more expensive stuff.  And you guessed it right.  I also have a not so hilarious example on this one.  The first summer that we spent in our apartment we decided to buy our very own AC unit.  I still remember we endured the heat all throughout April but by May we couldn’t anymore so off we went to Abenson’s.  Of course, we wanted the best unit we could afford.  We choose the Carrier window type aircon with timer.  The one with the timer was more expensive than the one without and it was also a little bit over our budget but we decided to go ahead with it.  We figured we could save a lot of money because of the timer that’s why the investment was worth it.  Or so we thought because a couple of months later we were at another store (I don’t know if it’s DIY) and lo and behold we saw a separate timer for AC units that cost just a couple of hundred pesos.

4. If you can help it don’t buy appliances when the stores are not on sale.  You don’t have to wait that long because the stores go on sale frequently and it really pays to wait.  They may not cut the price on that LCD TV that you’re eyeing but they might just throw in the flat panel mount for free.  When we bought our AC unit it was – you guessed it right – not on sale and then later we saw they were giving away free electric fans with the AC.

5.  Last but not the least is buy the one that is the most energy efficient.  They have the energy savers rating attached to the appliances nowadays.  Don’t ignore them.  They’re you’re guide on how much electricity you’ll be able to save in the future.

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