The Process of Moving

So we’re moving this Saturday and we’re pretty excited.  I asked my husband to buy Buy and Sell magazine so we can look some movers that can help us with our things.  Moving is a painful process both physically and emotionally.  Physically because it can be really tiring packing  and unpacking all those things and emotionally because you’ll be leaving part of yourself behind.  I don’t want to dwell on the emotional part anymore.  I’m putting it farthest from my mind.  Life must go on.

We’re fortunate because this is only the second time we’re moving.  I also hope this is my last but I think that would not be the case as the house is old and we’re going to have it renovated once we have the funds.  Our first experience was painless.  We hired a lot of help to carry the boxes so we practically did nothing.  I’m so glad we did because moving to the third floor is not easy.  I tell you they were really tired after from carrying all those heavy boxes and we had to pay them extra for their hard work.

As I have mentioned this Saturday will be our moving day.  We have hired a truck for our things plus three helpers.  I know our landlord will bring some friends too to help him with the pulley to bring down fridge, the cabinets, and the washing machine.  We have already shelled out a lot of money getting the house ready and the last thing we have to pay for is the movers.  I just hope our things survive the relocation and also that everything will fit in the truck.

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