Technology has helped us a lot.  For mothers like me it has made earning online possible.  We can take care of our family while helping with the expenses as well.  For my kid, I’m sure it will make studying easier.  Back then we have so few resources that I was really hungry for more books to read but with the internet everything is accessible.  For my hubby, internet has been the source of his recreation.  After a tiring day from work he de-stresses by logging on to Facebook or playing some online game he fancies.
For others, playing Online Roulette and Blackjack Online may be their hobby.  More and more people are now playing these games online.  Why so – you ask?  Well, it’s because it’s more convenient than travelling and going to the casino.  I’m sure it’s cheaper too. For those who don’t know what Roulette is it means “little wheel” in French.  The roulette has color coded (red and black) numbers and the players may choose to place bets on either single numbers, colors red or black, or even or odd numbers.  The roulette is then spun in one direction while a ball in another direction and wherever the ball lands is the winning number/color.  In Blackjack the players are dealt cards which are then added up.  In the end, the player with the cards closest to the number twenty-one or with a value of twenty-one wins.

Although we haven’t tried playing these games those who do say it’s entertaining.  Of course, always be prudent when betting and don’t bet with your emotions or else there would be consequences like losing a lot of money.

Whatever form of entertainment you do online, just be reminded that these are good in moderation.  Technology has indeed made the world a smaller place for us and has given us more options and it’s up to make good use of it.

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