Pep Boys

The Pep Boys offers retail and automotive repair.  It was started in 1921 by three guys, Manny, Moe, and Jack, who opened the first Pep Auto Supplies in Pennsylvania.

Now after nine decades Pep Boys has grown with over 570 stores and 6,000 service bays all over the United States.  It offers repairs, full vehicle service, and delivery of auto parts.  I find the last one really useful.  What if you were stranded in the road and you know what to do to fix your car but just don’t have the necessary part?  Wouldn’t it be convenient if the auto part was just delivered to you?  When our car broke we needed rubber bushing.  My stepfather came to fix it but the problem was it was a Sunday and all auto retailers are closed during Sundays.  So we had the mechanic but no replacement for the broken part.  During times like that I wish we have Pepboys in our place.  If we do I wouldn’t have hesitated to get their services.  With over 25,000 auto parts on stock I’m sure they have everything that  I would ever need even a replacement tire for tire emergencies.

Now Pep Boys has an added gift to their customers.  You will now earn rewards for all your purchases.  They will do the tracking for you and the best part is the rewards are sent automatically to you.

A little bit of history for you.  If you’re wondering how they got their cool names then here is the story.  The three friends who started it all named it Pep Auto Supplies after noticing  a Pep Valve grinding compound on the shelves.  But the Pep boys stuck when a policeman would stop cars at night without for not having an oil wick burning (remember this was in the 1920s) and would tell the owners to “go see the boys at Pep.”  He must have referred so many customers that the name soon stuck and until now they’re known as Pep Boys.

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