Owning a Hot Tub – What You Must Know

Just one more month and summer would end then it’s that time of the year again when the rains would fall. What I don’t like about the rain is the water gets really cold. Those times are perfect to relax in a hottub after a long day’s work. If we have enough money in the bank we’ll definitely find a hot tub now so we can install it in time for the cold season.

Before buying a hot tub you must read these water guidelines first.  I found out that for the adults you must consult your doctor first and ask if it is safe for you to use a hot tub.  If you have a child like me I know you’re also wondering if he or she is allowed to use a hot tub.  Here are some general guidelines for using a hot tub:

1. Toddler and infants are not allowed to use a hot tub due to risk of overheating or dehydration.

2. Older children are allowed only if the temperature has been checked carefully and only for short periods of time from 5 to 20 minutes only depending on the age of the child.

3. Hot tubs are generally preset to 104 degrees but 102 degrees is much safer so be sure to adjust the temperature until that level only.

Also be aware of the following safety hazards such as drowning.  When not in use be sure to put the locking covers in place so wandering children would not accidentally fall in the water.  The strong suction of the drain can also be another hazard so avoid getting near it and in case of an emergency be prepared to turn off the switch.

Be aware of these safety guidelines and hazards and you’ll surely have a wonderful experience with owning a hot tub at the comfort of your own home.  It’s  a guaranteed stress reliever after a hard day’s work and since it’s in your home you can enjoy it any time you want to.

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  1. Hot Tub Safety

    No cover, or fence for that matter, is an adequate substitute for proper adult supervision when children are around or near any body of water. As for the suctions and drains, these are now legally required to be VGB complaint (per the Virginia Graeme Baker Act), and drastically reduce the change of entrapment.


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