Office Supplies

Having adequate Office Supplies is a must in our home.  With two people going to school and me working at home we can’t afford to run out to the store every time someone needs a bond paper or a pen.  That’s why in our home we make it a point to always stock on things that we need.  We’re almost always using the printer so we have a stock of bond paper in the house.  My preschooler is using pencils at school – and also losing them all the time – so I have to buy a pack or two of pencils every quarter.  My cousin, Bam, who is now in college needs yellow paper, folders, pens, and bond paper so she can print her projects.  Aside from the consumable office supplies we also have a paper puncher, scissors, stapler, and ruler.  As for myself, I only need a notebook to write my thoughts on and to organize our expenses, groceries, and whatever is needed in the house.  Post its are also vital and I use it if I want to remind my hubby of something like not forgetting to get his packed lunch in the fridge before he goes to work or adding coolant to the car before he uses it.

Office supplies – we can’t live without them.  Indeed it has been a part of our lives and plays a vital role in keeping our lives running smoothly so organize and keep track of your office supplies so you won’t run out when you need it most.

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