Momay – The Newest Craze in Television

Yes, there’s a newest craze on TV for the kids and the kids at heart and that is the Kapamilya teleserye, Momay, starring Xyriel Ann Manabat who rose to fame when she played the young Agua/Bendita.   Here is the trailer of Momay.

Isn’t she so talented and at the same time so cute! No wonder she is currently the youngest star to be given a show in primetime and the network made the right decision because within a week the Momay has already beaten the other shows in the same timeslot. Are we seeing the next Judy Ann Santos in the making?

Momay Plot

Well-loved and cherished by her family, the ever bubbly Momay is given enough freedom to play around with her friends and enjoy a worry-free life of a little girl. But an unexpected accident occurs, in which she immediately dies and goes to heaven. Her untimely death creates much trouble among her loved ones, however, so she decides to return as a ghost to help them get their lives back in order.

Main Cast

  • Xyriel Manabat as Miley “Mommy May/ Momay” Benavidez – a young girl who passed away due to an accident when she tried to saved Justin from their burning house, causing her paralysis which then caused her instant death. However, after reaching the afterlife, Momay decided to comeback to her family without realizing that it has been years since her death, although she is still in a form of a child. Momay as a ghost looked after her family and sometimes insert another person’s body to communicate with them.
  • Maliksi Morales as Andrew – a schoolboy who has the ability to see ghosts. He will befriend Momay and later will become bestfriends with her.
  • Lorna Tolentino as Shirley Benavidez – Momay’s beloved mother. She and her husband owns a carnival which was poplarly known as “La Vida Funland”.
  • Joel Torre as Donnie Benavidez – Momay’s father who owns Funland. He is Hillary’s adopted brother. Donnie has cancer which caused his death.
  • Glydel Mercado as Hillary Alonzo – Donnie’s adopted younger sister and is Momay’s cruel aunt. Hillary caused Momay’s death after turning off the respirator. She is La Vida Funland’s manager and is always after the business as she is jealous that it was owned by her adopted brother.
  • Ejay Falcon as Justin “JJ” Benavidez – Momay’s younger brother. After returning from the afterlife, JJ is all grown-up while Momay is still on a form of a child. He is set to inherit La Vida Funaland.
  • Ron Morales as Gary Alonzo – Momay and Justin’s cousin who is always jealous towards them. He normally hates Justin because he can’t seem to outshine him although he does everything that he can.
  • William Lorenzo as Joel – the husband of one of La Vida Funland’s employee. He seeks revenge to the Benavidez family over the death of his wife. He trespassed the Benavidez home and set it on fire which then caused Miley’s death.

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