Is Your Pool Safe for Your Kids?

Owning a pool in your house is fun.  You don’t have to go anywhere far to take a dip – it’s just sitting in your backyard!  However, it is also a big responsibility especially when you have a child.  You may have warned your kid over and over but sometimes the pool can be so inviting that they can’t resist it or forget.  Here are some pool safety tips to prevent pool accidents to happen.

1.  Teach your child to swim.  Enroll him to swimming classes and aside from the swimming lessons make sure he is educated about water safety.

2.  Pools should be placed in an area visible from inside your house.  If you’re just building your home pool then keep this in mind.  For extra precaution put a pool safety camera in place.

3.  Put a fence around the pool.  There are many attractive styles you can choose from.  You could also put an alarm so that when the gate is opened you’ll be warned.

4.  Pool covers can prevent child from falling in so it makes sense to put one up when it’s not in use for a long period of time.

5.  Store swimming pool chemicals in a locked place away from the reach of children.  Also when treating your pool with chemicals be careful with putting the right chemical balance because while these chemicals can make the pool clean too much can cause burn, blindness, and even death.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Pool Safe for Your Kids?

  1. Michelle Padrelanan

    Pools are also called the “Silent Killers”, that is because even if a person nearby is struggling but you are not looking, you won’t even hear it since the person is already struggling underwater.

  2. melcole

    I agree with your Pool safety tips sis. I just attended this meeting about water safety in our Mothers of preschoolers group in our area. The Fence is really an important tool. Kids like to enjoy a lot and there are times things are taken for granted and accidents happen like they slip or tip over and don’t know how to swim.


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