How I Got My Eon

I finally got my Eon! The process was really easy. I just went to Unionbank, present two valid IDs, signed up the forms, then waited for two weeks for the card to be processed. Yesterday was the third week (yeah, I got lazy to go out) and since we’re moving this weekend I can’t procrastinate anymore so Z and I braved the heat and went to Eastwood to fetch Daddy and he, in turn, drove us to the bank. We got there a few minutes after 12 PM and I thought they are going to be already on a lunch break but how convenient because it was business as usual even on lunch time. To get the card I have to present 1 valid ID again, put my signature on a bunch of forms, and pay the P350.00 annual fee. That’s it. I was finally given the card and told to wait 24 hours activation before I can change the pin and use it on my Paypal. Finally, I can buy anything I want even dodge accessories with my money. 🙂   Finally, I will be able to lift my sending limit on my Paypal which has been frozen for a few months now.  So if you’re looking for ways to verify your Paypal then choose Eon, it’s definitely faster and easier process compared to getting a credit card.

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