House Check

Last Tuesday we went to check our house.  I’ve noticed the paint is already peeling and I’m really not fond of its current blue paint so I convinced hubby to have it repainted over the weekend.  We’ll just go with the normal white color with a small touch of brown paint on the frames.  We also need to change the window screens because there are already some holes in it.  If hubby was to make his own decision he couldn’t be bothered with little things like that.  He didn’t even want to change the paint at all.  His priority is how to convert the garage so that our car would fit.  He wants to save on parking fees because when he inquired at the nearby parking he was told it would be P500 to P800 a month.  So now he wanted the fence to be destroyed and in place we’ll put a gate that can be opened widely enough so the car can pass through.  It made sense really because we don’t know how long we’ll be able to save money before we can have the house renovated so in the meantime we can save a lot of money in the long run by shelling out some money for a proper garage to be constructed.

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