Going to Use the Car More Often

Hubby is going to rely on our car more than ever now that we’re moving.  We’ll be moving to Taguig and he works all the way to Eastwood which could take a little less than an hour without traffic and who knows how long with traffic.  Well, the nice thing about his schedule is he goes to work way before the traffic builds up and he goes home a few hours before the time when traffic starts to go slow in the afternoon.  Which reminds me that the car is due for tune up and change of oil which means we have to postpone buying body kits for now because of the extra expenses we have to pay for this month.  We also have to allocate for gas expense in the budget starting next month since he’ll be using the car every day.  Good thing he found a free parking near his office which is really rare considering where his office is located so we don’t have to worry about parking fees anymore.  Anyway, I think that is still cheaper than paying for rent every month.  Even if it’s more expensive I think hubby’s overall health is more important so it’s an extra expense we’ll gladly shoulder.

One thought on “Going to Use the Car More Often

  1. jona

    Hi Paula! where in Taguig will you be moving in? I grew up there specifically in Signal Village. Now, we live in Laguna with my own family and I always miss that place.

    Nice to be here again 😀


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