Getting Used to Changes

One of the perks of moving to our new place is everything is so accessible unlike when we’re still in Cainta.  There you can’t buy anything unless you ride a tricycle or a jeep.  Here we only have to walk in order to buy meat and vegetables.   Z’s school is also a short walking distance away and even the barber shop and the salon is within sight.  The grocery, on the other hand, is entirely a different matter.  We need to endure an hour of traffic (at the worst scenario) to go to the nearest SM.  We’re almost out of stock of items like milk, canned goods, noodles, soap, vitamins, and biscuits but until now we haven’t set any plans to go grocery shopping. We’re hesitant to do our grocery at SM because the goods are more expensive there. Oh well, I guess that’s one of the changes we have signed up for since we decided to move here.

3 thoughts on “Getting Used to Changes

  1. Kerslyn

    kami rin, wala na stock. d na rin ako nakakapagluto kasi wala kami ref. puro nalang ako pa-deliver nito.huhuhuhu. d na basta2x makapag-grocery kasi 100+ na pamasahe sa taxi.


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