Getting Bigger

During my first pregnancy I had no decent maternity wear at home.  I stuck on my oversized shorts until my ninth month that’s how hard headed I was.  My hubby’s grandma, probably unable to see the sight of my bulging tummy in shorts anymore, gave her “daster” or house dress to me the night before Z was born.  Now on my second pregnancy I’m only in my first month and I’m already wearing my grandma’s daster.  I can’t help it – my tummy is way bigger now than during my previous pregnancy.  My worst fear is how am I going to work when I reach my last trimester.  Surely I would need a comfortable office furniture or else I won’t be able to sit in front of the computer for long. As early as now my tummy cries foul when I unknowingly sit in a hunched position.  Donors, anyone?

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