Exercising While Pregnant

I never exercised a second in my life when I was not pregnant so why do I start now?  I know you’ll think I’m crazy and I think I may be a little crazy too but the more I think about it the more I’m convinced now is the perfect time to start to exercise.  I’m not talking about heavy duty exercise, of course, but just brisk walking around the playground.  Everyday that has been what Z and I were doing.  At about 5pm we go to the playground and while I let him and his playmate play me and our pet, Chewee brisk walk around the area.  It’s a nice routine that works for all of us.  The kids are happy and me, Chewee, and I think even the baby in my tummy are also happy.  I like to hear my heart beating fast and the feel of my skin breaking into a sweat.  It’s true what they say exercise can uplift the mood that’s why I look forward to our routine every afternoon.  I hope this routine I can continue until my nine months.  I don’t want to be fat after my pregnancy.  With Z, I already gained 10 lbs which I never have successfully taken off.  I don’t want to gain another 10 lbs (or more) during my second pregnancy.  I just went to the scale and weighed myself and I’m still 120 lbs but I’m only two months pregnant so it’s too early to say.  They say pregnant women gain about 25 lbs to 37 lbs during pregnancy so that means I will weigh as much as 150 lbs!  Whew, I hope I can take that all off after giving birth.

5 thoughts on “Exercising While Pregnant

  1. Tetcha

    Don’t worry too much about the weight. I’m pretty sure you’ll shed off all those excess pounds a few months after giving birth. That’s because you’ll have to take care of three boys now. LOL! Just stay away from too much sweets.

  2. melandria

    hi sis, just want to inquire, while i was surfing one of our bc blogger site, i have learned that my blogs were not listed on our first batch of bc blogger list, was it really included?

  3. Jellybelly

    I put on 42 lbs when I was pregnant. Within 2 weeks of giving birth I shed 28 lbs. Since then it’s been a struggle to get rid of the 14 lbs. My baby is 16 months now and I’m still working on the last 6 lbs. Just eat more veggies and fruits, less sweets and carbo.

    Btw, I registered for BC blogger 3. Pardon my ignorance but what happens now? 🙂


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