Diet Pills

When I was still working I remember hearing my co-workers trying diet pills to get back their slim figures.  We were worried for their health because they have not read any diet pill reviews and just tried it by word-of-mouth.  The pills they were taking were not even DFA approved and were made from China.  Every day we were asking them how they were feeling.  They said they felt energized but at the same time they have decreased appetite.  I then realized that the diet pill they were using suppressed their appetites.  It was effective because pretty soon we notice a decrease in their weight.  They did not try it very long though because one of them experienced heart palpitations and was nearly rushed to the hospital.  They obviously learned their lesson.   Next time I’m pretty sure they will research carefully first and ask the advice of their physicians before taking diet pills.

One thought on “Diet Pills

  1. Yen

    Wow, I experienced the same thing. This pill I used was so effective I lost 10lbs in a week. But then, it resulted to a crazy heart palpitation and depression. Apparently, I got depressed due to the lack of carbs in my body. My appetite was suppressed then that’s why. =(

    Exercising and eating right is the best way to lose weight. =)


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