Calamares Recipe

One of the difficult things about being pregnant is getting the right food to agree with my tummy.  For the past weeks just the thought of the usual foods I’m eating make me want to vomit.  Just this morning for breakfast I thought I was craving for spaghetti but when it was finally served and I was about to eat it I realized I didn’t want it after all.  I tried to finish it but I failed.  Good thing for lunch I know what food I want.  I have eaten calamares yesterday and I was very satisfied so I decided to stick with it and eat it for lunch again for the second day in a row.

Just a little background.  Calamares is from the word “calamaro” which is the Italian for squid.

How did we cook it?  It was really easy.  Just clean the squid thoroughly by removing the intestines, ink sac, and spine.  Cut it into rings.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and coat with flour.  Deep fry (but not more than two minutes or else it would be as tough as rubber) and voila, you have your very own home-made calamares.

For the dipping sauce I just use lots and lots of vinegar.  Yummy!

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