Bird’s Nest Facial Mask

I went to Watson’s the other day to purchase some beauty essentials when this caught my eye.


It’s Bird’s Nest Facial Mask by Watsons. It’s cheap at approximately P150 and you get six pieces of masks.  What I like about the mask is it’s not difficult to apply.  Inside is like a thin strip of super porous cotton like material and you just have to put it on your face for 15-20 minutes.  Then you remove and you don’t have to rinse.  It moisturizes the skin and my face is now feeling as soft as a baby’s.  Next time after I put it in my face I’m going to rub it on my other body parts that needs moisturizing like my super dry feet.

You will have to use Bird’s Nest Facial Mask three times in a week to achieve best results so one pack would last two weeks.

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