All Our Bags are Packed

… and we’re ready to go but we’re not leaving on a jet plane! Today is our last day in our apartment and while they’re doing last minute cleaning in the house I’m here with Z looking for some nuphedragen reviews.  No, I’m not on a diet because I’m pregnant but this information would come in handy the moment I give birth.  Z and his friend, Jave, are going to be playing the whole day – their last time together. They have been friends for three years  ever since they were in diapers, and now they’re going separate paths. I hope they see each other again some day and remember the happy times they had together.

This afternoon, Z and I will be going to the house and sleep there for the night.  Hubby would have  to remain and sleep in the apartment because the moving truck will arrive at 5am tomorrow.  When Z woke up I told him what would happen  – that two of us would have to move out a day early while his Daddy stays in the apartment.  Upon realizing that his Daddy would be left behind he said with a choke in his voice, “Why?  Are you and Daddy separating?”  I know it was not the right time to laugh but I burst out laughing.  His face was so serious and he eyes were mist and about to cry.  I assured him we’re not but it took a few minutes before he was back to his old self again.

2 thoughts on “All Our Bags are Packed

  1. Kerslyn

    oh my gulay. inosenteng-inosente si Z. halos maiyak ako dun ah. hope maka-adjust agad si Z sa new environment nya sis. 🙂 happy moving!!!!


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