Refrigerator Problem

It’s in the middle of the summer and  it’s so hot!  I would say during this time the most abused appliances are our fans, aircon, and refrigerator.  Our fans are turned on 24/7 while the aircon during the hottest part of the day.   Our  Samsung refrigerator has taken a beating too.  The heat made us all thirsty constantly so we’re opening the refrigerator door a lot!  Then one day I noticed the door barely closes anymore and that’s when I discovered that the door gasket, which is the elastic plastic that keeps the door in place, was already worn out.  I checked my files and found out that it’s still under the Abenson’s five year warranty.  We knew how important the extended service plan for vehicles as well as for appliances was so we made sure we got one even though we have to pay extra. So now I’m hoping that we can get a repair man to visit us without him charging us any fees. Anyway, if that isn’t covered by the warranty I’ll just research on how we can replace it ourselves.

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