Post Birthday Blues

After my birthday I was really tired and exhausted. I felt like a mountaineer who just climbed the top of a mountain. I crawled to bed but still was out of breath.  I wanted  a pulse oximeter to check if I was getting enough oxygen but I knew I was. It was just the unbearable heat these summer days that’s making our apartment stuffy.

The next day I was still feeling tired.  I had no energy to blog hop and check my favorite blogs.  Yes, I was suffering from post birthday blues.  It didn’t help that Bam had to be away for three days for her school activity so I was left to do all the household chores.  I had no appetite at all and couldn’t eat the wonderful birthday cakes I had at the fridge.  That lasted for about a week and I’m glad I’m coming out of it now. Slowly I’m getting my appetite back and I’m back to working on my blogs.

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