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I love John Travolta movies!  When you watch a movie with him in it you’re almost always assured that the movie is going to be worth your time.   I have been racking my brain for the best Travolta movies and it didn’t take me long to come up with some.  The most memorable movie I watched starrring John Travolta was FaceOff.  He was the bad guy there but he was so convincing in playing the role of the villain that I was so afraid of him.  Until now I can still see his face vividly as he terrorized the wife of Nicholas Cage when he pretended he was her husband.  Another movie that made me a certified John Travolta fan is the movie, The General’s Daughter.  He of course played brilliantly the role of an investigator who set out to find the reason behind the murder of the general’s daughter in the army.

I have not yet watched John Travolta in From Paris With Love which was released just this February 2010.   In this movie he plays a trigger happy CIA agent so it’s going to be another action film for him.  I can’t wait to watch it because I know it’s going to be a good movie.  Hubby and I don’t always agree with our taste in movies but this particular movie I’m pretty sure I won’t be alone in watching.

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  1. NiQ

    John Travolta is an amazing actor. No wonder he still got the support of many people after all these years. And he’s a pilot too! What a talented man. 🙂

    Btw, I have a blogger award for you! Check out my latest post! Hugs~


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