76 thoughts on “How to Withdraw your Paypal Money to your BPI Bank Account

  1. Crissy

    Hi! @EDS – I recently applied for an EON card to link to my Paypal account. Just fill out the online application form for EON card…unionbankph.com. Then select the nearest Unionbank Branch na nagpaprocess ng EON application para ready na for pick up yung card the following day. You’ll pay P350 for the annual/ activation fee upon pick up. Make at least a P100 deposit (this is important para ma-link mo yung EON card sa paypal account mo). Then whenever you have access to a computer, just enroll your card to EON cyber accout, again sa unionbank website. I waited 7 days before naactivate and cyber account ko. From there madali na lang ang process sa paypal.

  2. PS3junkie

    What does withdraw your Paypal money to your BPI account mean? Can I pay for items on Paypal using my bank account, or is it the other way around? I transfer money from Paypal to BPI? I’m so confused.

  3. ZDruol


    I’m wondering how much is the bank fee if you withdraw at least P7000 from paypal to a BPI Direct Express card, and how long does it usually get into your bank account?


  4. banMedo

    Mag ask sana ako. Nakaregister na ako sa union bank at napili ko ay Zamboanga Jaldon. Kaso yung napili kong place malayo sa aming lugar. Bale yung pagkuha ko sa EON card, Pwede ba sa iligan City nalang? Kahit nasa Zamboanga Jaldon ang nakalista sa pagkuha ng EON card? Please Help..

  5. natzbrigz

    I have a problem regarding with paypal , how to link a card to get verified.?
    What is the card type of BPI EXPRESS TELLER? I’M CONFUSED… asap

  6. Yuki Okudera

    Hi there!!

    Just wondering what the requirements are to apply for a BPI account. Is there a maintaining balance necessary?

    Hope to receive your reply through e-mail soon!


  7. Bob

    Hello Mommydiary:

    Thanks for this information about withdrawing paypal money with BPI however, I would like to ask what kind of BPI account is possible to withdraw paypal money? I have BPIony International Direct Savings account. Is it possible to withdraw my paypal money with this account? It is under the Savings account.

    Thanks for helping.

  8. Ace

    Thanks for the post! My paypal account was verified using my BDO Debit card and I’ve been withdrawing to my BDO account for about a year now. However, I would like to withdraw to my BPI account since it turns out that they charge less. Do I need to verify again using a BPI credit card?

    Please email the response to studio3802tees@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Bryan

    hi everyone! im new in paypal, and ive read many complaints regarding on how to verify their paypal accounts.

    all i can say is that, try smart money to verify your paypal. effortless solution for paypal verification.

  10. Pinoy Android

    Yes you can widthdraw your paypal credit if and only if you are a paypal verified. This is my problem because I have BPI integrated but my PayPal account is not yet verified. I have no choice but to get an EON account which takes weeks to be verified (again!)

  11. Benjamin

    I wish to know wether or not the Official PAYPAL Bank Code of BPI is the same as BPI GLOBE BanKo. Do you know someone has successfully withdrew his funds from PAYPAL to his BPI GLOBE BanKO account?

  12. Melody

    I would like to ask what kind of BPI account is possible to withdraw paypal money?Is BPI express teller ok?


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