How To Replace the Gasket on the Door of your Refrigerator

Yes, this is our problem.  How we are going to replace the gasket door of our refrigerator?  I have no idea so I asked Mr. Google.  The gasket is very important as it keeps the cold inside the refrigerator.  A worn out gasket, just like ours, means that the cold is escaping from the inside which then means our refrigerator is working overtime to make the stuff inside cold and it takes a lot longer for the inside to cool.  The bottom line is we’ll be spending more money for electricity because of our worn out gasket so we have to fix this asap!  I researched on how we can replace it ourselves and found that it was fairly easy.

How To Replace the Gasket on the Door of your Refrigerator

1.  Buy a gasket that fits your door exactly.

This is our problem.  Where can we find a gasket?!  Do you know if this is available at Ace Hardware?

2.  Soak the new gasket in hot water to make it pliable.

Do we soak it in boiling hot or warm water?  What if we damage it?  Hmm, we’ll just cross the bridge when we get  there.

3.  Find a nut driver that will fit the screws holding the old gasket in place and lay out your tools where you’ll be able to reach them.

4.  Start at the top outside corner of the door and fold the old gasket back as you partly loosen the screws along half of the top and side. Don’t loosen them all the way.

5.  Pull the old gasket out.

6.  Attach the new gasket by pushing it beneath the metal retainer and tightening the screws as you go.

7.  Replace each section the same way.

8.  Shut the door and check for gaps. The seal should lie straight and smooth all the way around the door.

9.  Notice if there are gaps between the gasket and the frame – this may indicate that the door has warped. (Fix it by loosening the screws and twisting the door a little. You may have to do this a few times before you get the door straight.)

10.  Put a flashlight in the freezer pointed toward the opening and shut the door. Turn off the lights. You shouldn’t see any light leaking through.

Steps 3 to 10 is hubby’s problem anymore so I have no comment.  Well, good luck to us.

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2 thoughts on “How To Replace the Gasket on the Door of your Refrigerator

  1. Cherleen

    I had an ex-BF who was a ref/aircon technician. He taught me some simple steps I can do to repair simple troubles with ref and aircon. As per gasket problems, I remember what he told me… wet an old piece of cloth with hot water then try wipe it on the gasket. See if it will work first. Good luck! 🙂


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