Have you Received your Meralco Bill yet?

When I was a full-time stay-at-home mom (meaning I was still not working at home) I analyzed our Meralco bill like crazy.  If you see the computation at the back of your Meralco bill well I pored over that, got my pen, paper, and calculator, and didn’t rest until I came up with a formula that would tell me what our Meralco bill was going to be the next month based on the kilowatts we’ve used.  No, I’m not a Math whiz but I do had a lot of time in my hands and  I didn’t want to be ignorant anymore on something that we’re using every minute of our day.  I did get my formula after a couple of hours.  Needless to say I learned a lot from that simple exercise.  With my formula I knew how much electricity a 100 watt fan is going to consume (one fan is like P300 a month. Yes, I know about the Meralco bill calculator at their website but I really don’t trust Meralco so why would I trust their website)  I realized I should avoid using the rice cooker because it consumes so much – 700-watts of electricity which is the same that your flat iron would consume and more than our 500 watt aircon!  So I shelved our newly bought rice cooker and haven’t been using it ever since.  I also knew to stay away from the microwave, the oven toaster, electric kettle – appliances that would heat things up.  Heat producing appliances  will consume more electricity than the opposite. That’s why we’re in luck – we can turn our fridge 24/7.

We bought an aircon with timer and the timer attached to our fan so I can just set the aircon for a few hours and the fan will automatically start once it stops running.  We  also disconnected our cable so Z won’t have the habit of staying in front of the TV for hours.  I enforced a rule with Z that when the heat is tolerable turning on the aircon is a no-no but it wouldn’t be successful if we hadn’t moved.  Our  current apartment is airy, it has its own terrace so we can open the doors on both sides to allow the breeze to come in.  We’re so comfortable living here that we literally stopped using our aircon except only during the few months of summer.

So that is our frugal lifestyle. I was happy that we were only paying P1.3k at most in our electricity bill.  That means more money to buy more important things like food or things that we could use around the house like this nice outdoor décor I found. That was actually so much better than giving the money to Meralco every month.  When I heard the news that there was going to be almost a peso increase per kilowatt I was beyond shocked.  I didn’t have my formula anymore because two years had passed already.  When I was still monitoring our monthly electricity bill I knew how much difference just a few cents increase would make so increasing by 93 cents means our next bill increase is going to be staggering.   I didn’t have my facts with me but I was predicting our bill would be P2k but when I got our bill it was more than that.


That may seem a small amount compared to your bills but to us that’s still more than 100% increase for only a tiny increase in our usage.


And with the weather we are experiencing I know our next month’s bill would be even higher since we’re using the aircon more than ever.  I hate that I would give more of our hard earned money to Meralco this month but it seems we’re powerless. I just hope summer will just end quickly so they’ll have no more excuse.

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  1. jona

    Hi Paula! tyaga mo magcompute ah 😀 expect ko na meralco bills mataas talaga pag summer kasi mainit ang panahon. it’s not that we use aircon ( we don’t have one), but generally, the hotter the season the more energy is needed to produce electricity, the higher the bill. that’s why klangan nga tlaga ntn magtipid ng kuryente lalo na pag tag-init.

    btw, WLW is up! WLW: Favorite Summer Outfit

  2. niko

    we have the same situation my dear.. we only have an ave P600 bill a month. we have 24/7 ref, we seldom watch tv, aquarium, 3 lights, 1 fan, 2 laptops that we only use on weekends, we iron our clothes and do the laundry once a week, electric kettle that we use sometimes. we are not home on weekdays since we both work and my daughter is always at my mom’s house.

    now our bill is 1,200. i know its nothing compare to yours BUT that is half increase and i CANNOT believe MERALCO is doing this to us!!!

  3. chari

    i am also at my wits end trying to understand my bill this month. form 5,600 last month to 6,900 this month!! but our average is only 4500-5000. 🙁

    do you know who’s the presidentiable that meralco is supporting?? i definitely will not vote for him!!

  4. MushaMommy

    My bill was like that when hubby was abroad and during the school year kasi we’re only at home afternoon and evening. But with him here and being summer,we’ve been averaging P3200 because we use the aircon almost every evening.

  5. Mrs. Kolca

    hi paula! thanks for the visit. you have an awesome blog here.. blog it <3

    i received our meralco bill for our weekend house in bulacan.. for two momths, our bill is only P15.. yes, im not kidding.. we go home to our place in bulacan only on weekends ..sometimes 2 times a month or 3 times a month and total of 6 to 9 days lang ang stay namen doon, so super mura ng elec. namen.. kakatuwa talaga kasi dito sa condo namen sa mandaluyong, libo den ang bill namen.. hihi..^^

  6. Kareem Al Qahwahji

    Nuclear Energy in The Philippines (http://liveinthephilippines.com/content/2009/05/nuclear-energy-in-the-philippines/)

    I must confess, I was never a friend of nuclear energy. I really got keen of hearing, when Philippine Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes admitted that tapping nuclear energy as a possible source of power is an option that the Department of Energie (DOE) wants to take.

    Now I really like to use the term “however”. Yes, thanks God! “However”, Reyes said, “let’s not get into nuclear power until we are dead sure (?) that we are ready. And, we are ready if we have stakeholder support.”

    Well said, Sir.

    It was also very good, that Reyes mentioned the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which was built and then eventually mothballed. It is indeed the most expensive nuclear power plant, which one set up but is not operational.

    Of course, we all know, that nuclear power has its inherent dangers which the whole world is trying to solve – also in my home country Germany. Since many years some people tried to convince me, for example, that there are also advantages as well.. The nuclear power is baseload and will remain stable for as long as 50 years. It provides us steady and cheap power in the long run.

    So far so good… .

    Anyway, as we could learn from a press release: The Philippine government is planning to start up its first 600-megawatt nuclear power plant by 2025, based on doe data.

    We’ll wait and see and have a cup of tea… .

  7. Kareem Al Qahwahji

    About the Author: Klaus is from Germany, but has been living in the Philippines since the late 1990’s. Klaus is a journalist by trade, having written for a number of newspapers, studied also Publishing House Management and Marketing and has also been a Radio Host here in the Philippines. Klaus is no longer part of the LiP team.

  8. fedhz

    hehe, tatay ko electrician. kaya lahat ng pwede nyang bawasan ng konsumo ng kuryente ginawa na nya. so far ang mga binawasan nya eh electric fan at light bulbs. tapos ayaw nya pagamit ung ref at electric stove. siguro sinabihan ko sya, tay sa bundok na lang kayo tumira. wakokok

    natuto ako sa knya magtipid. pero shempre, minsan isipin mo yung comfort diba?

    anyway, bill namin ngayon Php3600. last month mga 2600. so mahal. lalu na ngayon, kahit hapon naka-aircon kame. wakokok.

    sang condo kaya si Mrs. Kolca. neighbor? hihi

  9. topher


    can you send please me the formula if that’s fine w/ u? I want to check our bill as well if there will be a discrepancy on it.

  10. jleell

    refrigerators work exactly the same way as airconditioners …. they both consume a lot of energy … the blogger is correct with heat producing appliances though .. bec electrical energy is very hard to convert into heat energy .. thats why mas makonsumo .. ref and aircon’s suck out the heat in a particular area therefore making it cold (absence of heat is coldness) .. thats why sa likod ng ref at likod ng aircon e mainit…mataas ang bill ngaun sa kuryente kasi mataas ang generation charge .. which means either u lessen ur consumption or u just have to live with it ..

  11. Kim

    ang galing! now i know which appliance to kill.
    just got my bill today and i am so super outraged! last month it was 3600.00 and this month it’s almost double – 6000.00.

    i will stop using my microwave muna and rice cooker. will get back to you next month…

  12. Don

    PHP4,500 last bill ko babaran sa air-con. Now PHP6,700 na bill medyo nag bawas pa ng konsumo ng aircon yun!

    Ka-asar to Meralco!

  13. anna

    buti pa kayo ang baba ng bill nyo, kainggit!!! ChanMec, can we actually do that????? parang ang hirap baka putulan tayo ng kuryente, paano na??? i had a problem with my bill a few months back but unfortunately i ended up paying for it pa rin kasi wala daw silang magagawa kc un ang reading the meter ko. my goodness, ang bill ko was around 5k when i was using the water pump… then nung maayos ng nawasa line nila, we stop using the pump. the following month… bill ko mas tumaas pa ng 10kw ang usage. tapos this month or latest bill… grabe….16,900+. halos himatayin ako and i really do not know what to do….sobra naman.
    so if there is anyone who knows what to do with this kind of situation… pls naman, let me know.

  14. archelus dy

    grabe nman almost 2 months n hindi dumdting lgi ang meralco bill nmin,ng expect kmi n kmi mkatanggap ng bill. nun umpisa ntangap nmin s pngalawa until now wala na, bat ganun kartero ng meralco niu bka nman bnibigay s iba ndi mismo s my bhay,tpos ndi nmin mlalaman my disconnection n pla kmi.


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